STARTTLS in Geoevent Server

11-17-2022 08:39 AM
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Gmail Policies doesn't anymore allows insecure apps to send emails through platform (Geoevent).
Major of emails servers asks for STARTTLS logins and Geoevent server just have TLS, SSL and Anonimous logins.
The Majority of sollutions that I have read here can't do the geoevent server send an e-mail with actual rules of IT group or e-mail providers.

I have configured my corporative e-mail in Geoevent server and I have received the log bellow:




I have contacted my IT and received the answer: You must have in Geoevent Server STARTTLS option Ask ESRI About implementing it.

Did you guys have any sollutions to send e-mail throught Geoevent server that works with atual security conditions of IT group and e-mail providers?


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While I agree that Esri needs to support mail TLS interfaces, in the mean time you could use an HTTP Put to the Sendgrid rest API to distribute you messages.