Spatiotemporal big data stores : "Failed to execute the bulk request. Error: null"

09-06-2022 04:45 AM
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We have created 10.8.1 Geoevent services. They were running fine until last week. The hard drives on the server became full last week and the datastores switched to read-only mode. We deleted some data in order to have more space, and then we executed the following command : changedatastoremode readwrite --prompt no --store spatiotemporal

The datastores are no more in read-only mode, as the describedatastore command shows we are in read-write mode, but the data are not added anymore into the datastores. In the Geoevent logs we have the following errors :

Data source "XXXXXX" failed to create or update new documents. Failed to execute the bulk request. Error: nul

Is someone knows how to deal with this problem ? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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For your information, the problem was solved by rebooting the geoevent server.