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Service not receiveing any input

04-06-2024 12:17 AM
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I have GeoEvent 11.2 and I had couple of services and 1 input which was working perfectly.  Suddenly services is not  receiving any input (however input connector receives input normally). I couldn't find any error log. I restarted several times. And finally and uninstall it and install a new one. Now I have 1 Input and one service  which just take the input and send to CSV out put no other processes, and yet same problem service is not recieving any input, I cannot have any errors in the logs at all even in the kafka logs.  

Any IDEA what this could be?



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Esri Regular Contributor

@Moi_Nccncc --

You should submit this as a new request to Esri Technical Support so an analyst can look at the problem with you. GeoEvent Server uses Apache Kafka as an event record broker. Kafka uses on-disk topic queues to hold event records a producer needs to convey to a consumer. In this case the inbound connector (input) is the producer and the GeoEvent Service you have configured to use that input is the consumer.

It is strange that you are not seeing anything in the GeoEvent Server's karaf.log system log. You would normally see ERROR messages that an event record could not be delivered within a default timeout of 60,000 milliseconds (60 seconds) and the event record was lost. There might be WARN messages logged around the error condition. I would also expect to see error messages with keywords or phrases like "timeout exception" and/or "expiring records". 

There are two JVM which support a running GeoEvent Server. One is for the GeoEvent-Gateway (which manages the Kafka message broker and Zookeeper configuration store). The other is for GeoEvent Server proper. GeoEvent Server depends on the GeoEvent-Gateway. If something is wrong with the Apache Kafka on-disk topic queues, or with the GeoEvent-Gateway service or the JVM the service runs, you can see what you describe where an input is able to receive (ingest) and adapt data to create event records, but the Kafka message broker is unable to route the instantiated event record to a GeoEvent Service for processing.

Problems with Kafka message brokering usually require an administrator administratively reset GeoEvent Server. Uninstalling and re-installing won't work if the Kafka and Zookeeper files left behind in the Windows %ProgramData% folder are corrupted or unusable.

-- RJ

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