Is the AIS for GeoEvent Server connector compatible with ArcGIS 11?

07-29-2022 08:16 AM
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With the availablity of ArcGIS 11, is the AIS for GeoEvent Server connector compatible?

Connector - AIS for GeoEvent Server:

I am preparing to upgrade my ESRI servers to version 11, and want to make sure the connector will function as it does in version 10.9.2


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We use automated tests that identify whether or not a given custom processor or connector will successfully deploy. Generally if the connector refuses to deploy it is because something in the GeoEvent Server SDK has changed and the connector needs to be recompiled.

There were a dozen components identified for ArcGIS 11 which need to be recompiled. Unfortunately the AIS connector is one of them. Part of recompilation includes documentation review and regression test.

Our apologies for the delay, but a new version of the AIS connector will need to be produced and uploaded. We are working on that.


@EricIronside @TravisShore 

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Hey @RJSunderman  When do you anticipate the new AIS connector being ready?

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