Field Mapper does not transfer last_edited_date

11-03-2022 04:29 PM
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Our Service has a tracking feature layer LKL as the input and a hosted AGOL feature layer as the output which has additional fields not available in the LKL layer.   

We are using a field mapper to map the two schemas (input and output)  

After the field mapper processor a Field Enricher (Feature Service) is used to add data from a table which contains the additional values to populate the fields in the output feature layer.

I also have a field calculator which calculates in minutes that the LKL layer was updated so we can filter out users who are no longer being tracked.

((toLong(currentTime()) - toLong(last_edited_date)) / 1000) / 60

I'd like to keep the original last_edited_date value to a new field before the stored last_edited_date  is updated by the GeoEvent Processors.

I have tried field mapping it to a new field and also calculating the new field, but a value never shows in the output feature layer.   

It seems simple enough but nothing has worked. 




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