Connect to a Feature Service that You Do Not Own?

07-29-2021 06:41 AM
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Hi All,

Does anyone have a workaround for connecting to a Feature Service that you do not directly own with Poll an ArcGIS Server For Features?  Maybe somehow sharing the REST endpoint in your own AGOL Org or Portal with the "New Item - URL"?
This is something that we are always fighting.  Having to request the credentials of others (even in different Orgs or Portals) to enter into GeoEvent is not  a good thing to be doing.



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Hey there Adam, thank you for reaching out. So that specific connector does require that you add the ArcGIS Server as to datastore, needed credentials. However, you may be able to configure the Poll an External Website for JSON connector to ping the endpoint and bring the service into your GeoEvent that way. This of course implies that the service on the ArcGIS Server side of things is shared publicly with no security.

   As for the credential request, I believe that it would be completely appropriate in the case of working with GeoEvent, since you want to maintain security between yourself and the data. However, I understand that doing this with orgs and ArcGIS servers outside of your direct control may not be feasible. Please let me know if this works for you!

Keep on keeping on!