Waze Connector for GeoEvent Extension (10.4.x)

10-11-2016 04:47 PM
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The Real-Time GIS product team is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the ArcGIS GeoEvent Gallery, the Waze Connector for GeoEvent. 

The Waze Connector for GeoEvent allows users to receive live data from Waze, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Through the free Waze Connected Citizens Program (CCP), they support a two-way data exchange between Waze and their municipal partners. This allows for streamlined access to both authoritative information alongside user submitted alerts and hazards.

In order to utilize the Waze data in GeoEvent Extension you must first be a part of their Connected Citizens Program. Information regarding the requirements to participate and apply to join that program can be found at the following link:

Waze Connected Citizens Program


Once you've received your necessary access credentials you can begin pulling in the live user submitted Alerts and Traffic Jams and consuming that data throughout the ArcGIS platform. The tutorial included with the connector will walk you through the process of polling the feed, filtering by data type, and writing that data out into the spatiotemporal big data store or other data sources. Also included is an optional segment that will allow users to quickly apply the Waze symbology to their newly created web maps.

For an example of the types of information being made available to Esri users, and a sneak peak of the new aggregation styles for map services using the spatiotemporal big data store with the 10.5 release, check out the screenshots from our demo application below.

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Will the new aggregation styles be available only for the spatiotemporal big data store, or for other data sources as well (e.g. relational data)? I notice that the demo application has an aggregated layer (Waze Alerts) that can be filtered using any of the Waze Alert attributes, which is tremendously useful. The current method of visualizing aggregated data is to use an aggregate SQL query as the data source, but of course this means that only those grouping attributes (location ID, year, month, day, etc.) can be used in a filter expression.

If the new aggregation styles will be available more broadly, where can I find out more information about them?

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Unfortunately, the aggregation in the Map Service is a function of the Spatiotemporal Data Store itself (at the 'database' level so to speak), and not something that can be extended to the other more traditional relational databases. With the 10.5(+) releases you'll start to see more Esri products leveraging the new Spatiotemporal Data Store, so if you haven't had an excuse to try it yet this might be a reason to take a look. 

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Thanks Josh, looks like the perfect timing to check out the 10.5 release!

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Hi Josh,

Does this connector works in previous versions of GeoEvent (like 10.3)?