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01-18-2023 09:58 AM
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Portion of workflow: After a model has been linked and is being viewed in an application.

Situation: The forge viewer is open in a way that the drop down menu is exposed for views the model has within it. There is a view that was added to the model that is not useful to end users


Goal: Simplify the user experience by allowing the hiding of views or certain components of the forge UI

by Anonymous User

Hi @Treavon, when you mention the forge view has a list, are you talking about the 2D & 3D views that are included when a Revit or other desktop user selects which views are published in the Autodesk hosted model? See picture for the highlighted view list I think you're referring to in your idea.

So that way a GeoBIM user setting up the app would be able to turn off or turn on other views from that published list within each model link? 




@Anonymous User Yes, the red box you highlighted is what I was suggesting a way to hide certain things from. Not from an individual user, but from the GeoBIM project admin. We want to restrict the ability for users to see specific views. In your example, we want to let them see the "3D View {3D}", but not the drop down with "phase 1, phase 2, phase 3". 

by Anonymous User

Thanks for the clarification!