Advantages to using ArcGIS for Teams?

11-17-2022 12:50 PM
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Can somebody explain to me what the advantages are to using ArcGIS for Teams?  I'm not sure if I'm understanding the utility.  If I "embed" a map/app/dashboard/etc. into Teams, can all members of the Team see that content - even if they don't have an ArcGIS Online login?  That would have tremendous utility if that is the case!  If it still requires each Team member to have a login, then what is the benefit of ArcGIS for Teams over just sending everyone a link to the app?  I feel like I'm missing the whole point?!?!

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Hi Ken,

I completely get where you're coming from, and I've been wondering the same thing. Speaking for myself, at our utility, I can say why I'm interested in this. It's because our IT team has selected Teams as the next platform as a strategic step in our overall technology plan. We are being forced to move away from network drives and towards Teams as a data store. With that said, Pro does seem to support url's much better than Desktop does. We're still working on the transition there.

So far, Teams pretty much does not support GIS data, nor CAD data well. Everything is a compromise at best from what I've seen. I understand their (IT's) goal and the reasons. And I believe that we're not the first shop to try to integrate and migrate towards a more sustainable way of doing business.

I'm confident that technology will eventually catch up to our immediate business needs and workflows. Meanwhile it's been a painful attempt to transition to url's vs. mapped drives.

Good luck, Bill~