Use correct keyword spellings for regions (organisation vs organization)

05-05-2021 05:01 PM
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It would be great if we could use the correct spelling for keywords based of the region we are in.

For example organisation verse organization.  Our users would expect to be able to spell organisation the British English way and would consider it a bug if nothing came out of that result.  They would not think to try spelling a word the Americanised way.




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@TaupoDistrict_Council  Thank you for posting this comment.  Perfect map.

You are right.  Since the state of the product is US-EN right now, when we make updates in the future will have to factor in these spellings ++.

For now, here's a "Tip".   For searching content in your "organisation" or "organization", this will also work:

search org district maps


search org for election layers


The three letter shortcut "org", may be useful and avoids having to spell out the rest. 

Unfortunately the suggestion which pops will still read "organization", until the app get's localized further.