Set default search parameters.

05-05-2021 05:05 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great to be able to default the ArcGIS searches from our Teams organisations to "Search My Organisation" and "Apps".

This would remove the need for duplicating text each time and eliminate the confusion for the generic user when they find layers and maps attached to search terms rather than just the apps that they are aware off.

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I will also second that being able to set "Search Within Org" as the default Search would be very helpful.  As the app works now, you search for an item, and get content all across ArcGIS Online.  You have to go back in, sett the "Search Within Org" parameter, and search again.

We have many users in our organization who don't come from a GIS background.  This double-search process is counterintuitive for many of them.  


I was on Teams, and there you can begin a search with the keywords "Search organization".  This will set the search only to your organization.  It appears this is a per search setting.

I don't recall this being in the documents.  If it is not, it definitely should be added.