Compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise

05-05-2021 12:50 PM
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Please make the compatibility between ArcGIS Teams and ArcGIS Enterprise a priority.

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I concur. I know that you would be working on it, but it would be great to know the roadmap for this functionality.


Need to support a connection to Enterprise portal as a priority to make it useful. 


We need the same in Enterprise!  🤔


Would like the option to configure for Portal and embed ArcGIS for Teams inside channels.  Web URL is not as helpful as when you all enable this functionality.  Thanks.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks for the update @AndrewStauffer 


I'm rather surprised that it is not available...we hardly have any actual 'Organization' AGOL users but everyone in the Org can join Enterprise plus we are using single-sign on. Would be much more helpful for users if available in Enterprise...


@DianeMcGuerty1 Thanks for the feedback and we agree on the single-sign on workflows! On our side we developed some of the components to work against some Azure services that we will have to work to deploy locally. 

We've definitely heard some great things so far and will be excited when we can eventually support Enterprise.


+1! Went through the long and painfull process of making this available on our enterprise Microsoft test environment just to find out it only works with AGOL...this could be huge, but only within our own ArcGIS Enterprise environment!


€dit: also make it more clear on the info page that only AGOL is supported currently...would have saved me a lot of headaches to get this approved with our company IT. It just says "While signing in to your ArcGIS account is not required to use ArcGIS for Teams for public searches, signing in allows you to access your organization's content and to show information about your account." --> which, to me, sounds like ArcGIS Enterprise, not AGOL.


@Geoeki  Thank you for the feedback and we will update the documentation so that it is up front in the getting started section. We do plan to support Enterprise sometime in the future and will keep you all posted. 

We are also getting the application M365 certified, which will make it much easier to get support from IT to install.