How to use location field to publish my Arcgis map for PowerBI

05-26-2022 04:47 AM
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´m triying to post a world map with data on a web (Public) and i have this error "This map does not meet the requeriments for published reports". 

Ok, I have searched my problem and ESRI says that you have to use lat/long fields, but I need a polygon so I have to use the field location to represent differents countries. 

It is possible to show country polygons in a ARCGIs map for POWERBI using the location field and publish it after that?

I know that you have the button validate, but I can´t use point to show countries, I need to make a choroplet map with this tool because I have an university account in ESRI. 



This error detail show the data that I want to show.


Thank you so much in advance.


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