Coloured Shapes not Appearing

02-13-2024 04:14 AM
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Hi There,

I have created a layer in ArcGis which I have joined as a "join layer" in Power BI Desktop.

As you can see below, there are LGA administrative boundaries I have deliberately coloured in ArcGis for the Power BI visual. 


When using the slicer to select an LGA area, the deliberately coloured outline of select LGA boundaries remains (which is what I want) however the greyed out areas disappear. 

But when selecting these coloured areas, I want all the other grey outlines to appear as well as the other coloured areas if this makes sense?

There are a couple of examples below:



It looks weird if only one area is outlined on a blank map!

Would anyone be able to suggest how I can fix or workaround this either in ArcGis, Power BI or both platforms please?

Thank you!


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