ArcGIS map join failed for data without location

11-21-2022 08:30 AM
New Contributor

I want to create a customized shape map visual that can be viewed on PowerBI report server. Since my work version of PowerBI does not come with preview features like shape map and the shape map currently is not supported on PowerBI report server anyway, it seems that my best bet is to leverage ArcGIS maps for PowerBI by including a reference layer with multiple polygons on a map. 

I was trying to do this by following the steps in this blog:

I added the map as the reference layer without any issue: the map is displayed properly and pop-up works. However, when I tried to join it to the dataset by click on 'Join Layer', it never succeeds: it keeps spinning without any error message. I've made sure the join field existing both in my dataset and in the map and they have the same data type. 


How do I even start to diagnose the issue? Anybody has some experience in this?



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