ArcGIS for Power BI - popups not working on tile layer (hosted) from ArcGIS Portal

03-07-2023 01:10 AM
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I have an ArcGIS for Power BI map visual with a tile layer (hosted) from ArcGIS Portal. In Power BI desktop, when I load the layer into the visual and test the popup it works fine. When I then publish the Power BI report to a Power BI workspace the popup it does not work. In the service I can remove then re-add the layer in the visual and it works, but when I leave the visual and return to it later, the popup no longer works. 

This seems like a bug. Has anyone had this issue and found a workaround?

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I have the same issue using a Portal layer using version 2023.1.166 of the plugin in Power BI Desktop.

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