When a record is updated in a feature layer to HTTP output

10-13-2023 02:26 PM
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I am fairly new to Power Automate and have not found any examples of the flow we would like to create.     

Using When a record is updated in a feature layer,  we would like to Post the updates to an REST endpoint and then use that endpoint in GeoEvent Server.

We tried creating this web hook, but I am not able to get results with Postman.   I get an authentication error. 


The flow works in PowerAutomate, but we can't seem to get the payload from the web hook   Is this flow the correct way to go or is there a better way?   If this is correct, how do we get around the authentication error.  

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Hi Mele. It appears that you have the first part of the flow set up correctly using the ArcGIS Connector. For the HTTP Webhook action, did you push through or enter the appropriate credentials in the "Advanced options" menu? 

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