Teams Channel Construction / ArcGIS Sharing Model = One Stop Security... AD Groups?

10-06-2023 07:27 AM
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Hi Everyone!

I just read @SeanKMcGinnis 's blog entry:  Enabling Spatial Collaboration with ArcGIS for Teams (

There is one concept in particular that I would like to hear expanded on - Permissions setup for viewers of the information within Teams and how that might happen in the ArcGIS Enterprise.  Maybe I am letting my mind get too far ahead of me when I read....

Leveraging the Teams channel construction, users can be added to teams or channels based upon their roles and responsibilities. This structure also harnesses the ArcGIS sharing model to access data and information products relevant to their operational functions.

Is this implying that we can assign users to Teams channels and at the same time, assign them to the correct groups within ArcGIS Portal - granting them the ability to either read and/or write/edit...?

Again, I may be jumping way too far ahead.  Any insight into what is actually being said here would be wonderful!



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