Label does not shown in ArcGIS Office Excel Map

03-22-2022 09:24 PM
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I have a web map with 2 layers. One layer has label enabled.

When I insert the web map to ArcGIS Office Excel map, the label does not displayed.

I tested using ArcGIS Office Powerpoint map, the label does displayed.


I am using version 2021.2 with Office 2016 32-bit.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Helen,

It looks like a bug that the labels are stored as a property in the Web Map and we're not picking up those settings when we import the layers into a new map in Excel. When those layers load into the new map, it should honor their default Feature Layer settings.

However, if the labels are set by default on the Feature Layer itself, it will work when that layer is added to the new map in Excel since we read the properties of the layer, but miss them in the Web Map. 

We can take a look at this for a future release, and apologize for any confusion.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.




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Thanks Andrew for the quick response.

Please clarify the "by default".

I changed the visualisation on the feature layer with label turned on. The label still not picked up.

Is the layer must an image service layer?


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