ArcGIS Maps for Office compatibility with M365

05-12-2022 07:45 AM
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The company where I work is "upgrading" to Microsoft Office M365...the on-prem version of Office 365.  I have it installed and noticed that Maps for Office is no longer available in Excel.  We have ArcGIS Maps for Office 2020.1.2.

Is anyone familiar with Maps for Office compatibility?  Do we need to upgrade to 2022?

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ArcGIS For Office System Requirements Page

My advice is if you should update even if 2020.1.2 still worked (it clearly doesn't) - two years of missing bug fixes and features is probably a lot. Especially in the MS Office world, where security patches are important.

Apparently some really nice new features for M365, too.

ArcNews: ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 Gets a More Seamless User Experience

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There is a new version available in App Source now, that you can access through the Add-Ins within Excel or your M365 Admin can deploy it across the tenant. This new release will work in Excel Online, as well as Excel desktop on Windows and MacOS.

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