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MapLayers not measuring correctly after re-opening dwg

05-16-2024 10:16 AM
New Contributor

I am using Autocad 2022 with Arcgis for Autocad 420.  I am using esri_weblayer_add to add several several layers from ArcServer.  I then extract the raster images using esri_maplayer.  I extract the raster images for printing purposes.  If I re-open the dwg at a later time and try to measure any features they return a length of 0.  The maplayers do not save with the dwg file.   I believe this is a scaling issue due to the coordinate system and the maplayers not available when opening the file.  I am using coordinate system of 32165.  I have tried to manualy assign the coordinate system after opening the file but that does not help.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


All layers utilized are MapServer and not FeatureServer.

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Esri Contributor

Hello @jmeyer7,

Thanks for your post and using ArcGIS for AutoCAD! I see you are using version 420. If at all possible it would great if you could download the currently latest version, 430.1. Once installed please try your described workflow again and post back how this turns out.

To download ArcGIS for AutoCAD from this site please scroll to the bottom to enter your details in the download form to receive the download link.


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