Layer mapping workflow with ArcGIS for AutoCAD 400

06-15-2021 05:00 AM
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I'm just getting familiar with ArcGIS for AutoCAD 400 within AutoCAD 2022. When I'm importing feature layers from our enterprise Geoportal, he inserts everything perfectly. But I can't figure out how to map imported "ESRI_somelayername" to our national NLCS cad standard layer naming convention.

The added resources that comes with the tooling are not clear for me.

Can anyone describe the proper workflow for me?

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Esri Contributor

Hi! Sorry for the late response on this. 

The use of the "ESRI_" are for feature services brought in with ArcGIS for AutoCAD. Unfortunately due to the nature of how we track edits to the features in AutoCAD we currently do not support layer mapping. All the work for feature service layers must remain on "esri_" AutoCAD layers. If the features get moved off of this layer, it will be considered a deletion. 

Although we do hear you, your workflow is not uncommon and it something we know people want. We hope to come up with a solution to make this easier sometime in the future. 

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