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CSRS Coordinate System Issues

05-16-2024 11:23 AM
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I have run into an issue where data imported using ArcGIS for AutoCAD is not being reprojected properly if the source coordinate system (CS) for my drawing is set to any CSRS projection.

Does ArcGIS for AutoCAD not support CSRS, or is there something I am doing wrong when setting up my drawing?

When reprojecting to a CSRS projection, there needs to be a geographic transformation added, which I believe is not being done.


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Just an update here. 

I discovered that WKID 3857 to CSRS 10N (WKID 3157) works as intended.

 What is not reprojecting properly though is BC Albers (WKID 3005) to CSRS 10N and also WKID 4269 to CSRS. 


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Esri Contributor

Hey @DerekBannon22,

Thanks for posting the WKIDs you are working with.

For the reprojection behavior with BC Albers (WKID 3005) to CSRS 10N (WKID 4269) would you be able to see what ArcGIS Pro does with your dataset please?

At the same time can you provide your data or a subset of this dataset so we can test in-house with you?

Also remind us what Autodesk version/vertical you are running and what build of ArcGIS for AutoCAD as well.

Kind regards,

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