Field Maps error "Geodatbase field not found"

07-20-2021 08:56 PM
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I have got a published feature service (MXD 10.8.1) with a handful of layers. One of the layers is not validating in Field Maps. Also is not visible in Collector. But works in Collector Classic. 

is visible in AGOL map.

The error I get in Field Maps say Geodatabase field not found"

It is a point layer, with attachments. Simple symbology. 

When I take the one point layer and publish it in a blank MXD by itself. It works. 

I have tried a blank MXD and copied all the layers from the original MXD across. republished as feature service. No luck. Still doesnt draw in Collector or Field Maps.


Hoping someone can shed some light on the error message given in Field Maps "Geodatabase field not found"

Shape field is turned on, editor tracking is enabled, globalID and ObjectID are visible




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