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02-23-2024 08:45 AM
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Hello, I have a question about configuring a form in Field Maps in ArcGIS Online. I can't use a calculated expression in a form field (with a combo box type) to populate the code/values of the combo box, correct? 

Something like this wouldn't work? Thanks..

var myList = {

code: "1", value: "choice 1",

code: "2", value: "choice 2",

code: "3", value: "choice 3"


return myList



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Hi @JoelPerkins ,

You cant use Arcade today to create lists for Field Maps. Could you share a little more about your use case? One alternative is to use Contingent Attribute Values. These are honored in Field Maps and lets you create change the values of a list based on the values of another field.


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Thanks Sarah. 

I have a standalone hosted table with user names and equipment descriptions. It is in the same web map as the feature class that I'm creating my form from. I was hoping to be able to use Arcade to pull the equipment descriptions down based on who was logged in. I was able to do that. If it was only 1 piece of equipment, this would work because I wouldn't need the combo box. But the table is 1:M (username to equipment description). So I'd need to take that list in Arcade and populate the combo box somehow. But it's not possible I guess. 

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Not sure if this completely fits your use case, but there have been some community workarounds for building multiselect lists based on a domain in a separate field: Multiple choice option in Field Maps - Esri Community

However, you would also have to build the domain for the field in question based on your table data.  This can be done in a few different ways, but adds a bit more legwork to the solution.

I hope this helps.

Mitchell Grafstein, Horticultural Inspector 1, NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets
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