Default Values not Maintained in Field Maps

12-01-2023 11:07 AM
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I'm trying to set a default value for a field - originally set up in AGOL, but also shown in Field Maps Designer, both shown below - but for some reason no default value is added when field workers submit their data, nor is it visible in Field Maps mobile application.

Here's an image from ArcGIS Onine.


Here's the view from Field Maps Designer.


But here's what we see in the Field Maps mobile app.


Has anyone else experienced default values not carrying over to the mobile app, and if so does anyone have a workaround? I've recreated this map multiple times to no avail.


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I just tried this and it works no problem for me.  I set it in my Field Maps Form through the "Templates" it says, "Default values can be set on the Templates tab".

Where you have it set to 1.8 above, I have it blank.....I only have it set through the Templates tab.

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