Data collected offline, hosted Feature Layer removed after offline area created

11-29-2023 09:21 AM
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Working with ArcGIS Pro 3.2, ArcGIS Online and Fieldmaps 23.3 (on a Juniper CT8, Android OS). 

My normal workflow (coming from the ArcMap universe) is to create the layers I need in ArcGIS Pro, then upload them to ArcGIS Online enabled for syncing, editing, and adding photo attachments.

I created a layer without updating the symbology from the template we use, and the field director downloaded an offline area with the incorrect layer.

When he needed the symbology updated, I did what I knew: I updated the symbology in ArcGIS, removed and deleted the incorrect hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online, and uploaded the new one and recommended reloading the map. Field director said reception was spotty, and they would use the area they created.

Now, and in hindsight this is obvious, the offline area will not sync, because that layer is gone in ArcGIS Online.

Will I be able to pull the collected data from the tablet storage?

I realize this comes from a lack of knowledge on ArcGIS Pro/Online integration. I also should have left the incorrect layer intact, rather than removing it entirely.

Was there a way to do a mass update on symbology for the existing hosted feature layer? Either in ArcGIS OL or from Pro?

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