Create direct link to add related records in Field Maps

04-17-2024 07:23 AM
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I'm looking to simplify the way that users have to add related records in Field Maps. I know that on the parent asset, a user can click the related link at the bottom and then click Add, etc. but I am looking to give users a "button" or something so that they can directly open a new related record. The goal is to limit how many times users have to click through boxes when adding new related records

At the Dev Summit last month, Esri showed a way to do this with Arcade and HTML but the presentation missed pieces in the demo that showed all of the code in order to replicate. Recording of the presentation is below:

If anyone has successfully done this please let me know. Thank you!

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I have the same question!  I have many related tables and would love to be able to create my own button instead of the user having to go in an use the Add button. I appreciate you sharing the Dev Summit link but unfortunately if you did not register to go to the Summit, you can't access it. I couldn't access it with just my ESRI username and password.  

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I think the main thing left out of the video is the rest of the URL parameter in the values variable as well as the HTML code for the button in the URL parameters. I think Kevin was going to do a blog at some point. I'm also working on this these days 🙂 But I haven't attempted yet. 


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