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12-08-2023 03:09 AM
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We have recently noticed that ArcGIS Field Maps does not display any copyright attribution/credits notice alongside the map or anywhere within the app (see below).



The Markup > Share screenshot option also produces a map image that does not include copyright attribution/credits (see below).



This appears to be contradictory most other ArcGIS apps (including Pro and web apps) where copyright attribution/credits is displayed, either as text or as an clickable/expandable area (see below for examples).

ArcGIS Pro:

ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro


 ArcGIS Web App (Instant App):

ArcGIS Web App (Instant App)ArcGIS Web App (Instant App)


Whilst I understand there is limited space within a mobile app, almost all data (even free/open data) requires display of copyright attribution/credits alongside the map as part of the license terms/terms of use, including data within Esri and other third-party basemaps. Technically, using such data within ArcGIS Field Maps may currently be breaching copyright/licensing terms, because no such attribution is displayed or available.

The suggestion is to provide a clickable/expandable button within the map area in Field Maps, which displays attribution from all layers in the map (including basemap and operational layers). This should work in a similar way to ArcGIS Pro.

This is very important for most organisations/customers/partners, who may not be able to deliver solutions using Field Maps due to the licensing requirements of their data providers.

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FYI - I also raised a support case for this and have been told that there is an existing enhancement request ( but this currently states that "Development does not currently intend to support this request".

So I would suggest any customers that require this or are concerned that they may be breaching their data suppliers license agreement by not displaying copyright attribution in Field Maps, raise a support case and ask for their name to be added to the enhancement request (ENH-000136762).

I suspect this would apply to anyone using Field Maps with Ordnance Survey data (including their open data) or basemaps that contain OS data, OpenStreetMap and other third party data providers.