Make Field Maps app available on Carplay and Android Auto in-dash vehicle display

12-02-2023 05:21 PM
Status: Open
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It is crucial to make Field Maps app available on Carplay and Android Auto in-dash vehicle display 

Apps like OnX and many others are available for car and truck's consoles but field maps isn't yet. A company the size and importance of Esri can definitely work with Apple and Google to make that available as soon as possible. Extremely important for field crews. 

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Interesting idea - I don't believe ESRI has plans to support navigation in Field Maps, instead kicking you over to the default system app for that purpose.  However I could definitely see some use cases where it would be super handy to be able to quickly collect a point with some pre-configured options via the in-dash display.  Things like pavement management and debris surveys come to mind.