Allow Select Multiple Questions in Field Maps

02-23-2021 01:25 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

We would love to be able to implement select multiple type questions in Field Maps. We currently have a use case where field staff need to select multiple types of waste found on a site and record contextual information for each one. 

This is the current design in Survey123, but we would love to migrate this all into one single app instead of using Collector for visibility in the field, and Survey for collecting the data.




I would love to see this implemented in Field Maps. I do not think it would in any way replace Survey123 (there are just so many other things that make that fantastic), but it would be great to help streamline certain workflows if we could just use one platform (Field Maps) to collect data, like Roger mentions. 


This is desperately needed in Field Maps, Survey123 (as Erica mentioned) does so much more that I don't think it would impact it's use at all


This is NEEDED.  Many wildlife biology surveys are map centric, and have a need for choosing multiple answers.  For example: the condition of a vhf transmitter that has been found. 

The vhf transmitter's condition can be: chewed, curled, torn apart, bite marks, or a combination of these four options.  There are ways to create this question/response to fit into Field Maps, but a select multiple type would be the most intuitive for the field users.

Moreover, if there was a select multiple type in field maps, it would be more efficient to implement than the current Collector calling a S123 form combo.

This is an urgent need for my data collection too. Hoping this will be available in the next update

This is also vital for my data collection. 

Survey123 is great, but it is weak in displaying reference layers, fieldmaps is great for displaying reference data, but we can't capture the information we need to.