Ability to create own bookmarks in app

01-28-2023 01:16 AM
Status: Open
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The idea of having a Bookmark option just like in ArcGIS Pro is really appreciated. However, there is no way for our field geologist to create their own bookmarks for area of interests. Unfortunately, theses bookmarks has to be created in advance in the app creation. The user must be able to create their own bookmarks when planning the field work as this always tend to change when in the field.

Furthermore, it would also be a highly appreciated if the user was able to share their bookmarks in the field among colleagues, as this would definitely make it easier to coordinate dedicated field work locations.

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by Anonymous User

Supported, we definitely also need this function for field colleagues.


Agreed. This would also be useful for my users. They immediately see Bookmarks as something that  operates like "Favourites" and would prefer that.