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ArcGIS Explorer Basemaps No longer work?

04-03-2023 09:56 PM
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I hadn't used ArcGIS Explorer in awhile, and returning I've been trying to publish a mmpk. When I open in ArcGIS Explorer both in Windows 10 and on Android, I no longer see options to select a basemap. The map is in Web Mercator, which I thought was the only requirement to use those basemaps. I know I can sideload a tilepack but that's not ideal. I am trying to basically export proprietary data out of AGOL and make it available on our network so users can simply import the map and go. Having to figure out another step with tilepacks won't work. Any suggestions, or am I missing something obvious since I'm a bit rusty with Explorer.

Exporting from ArcGIS Pro 2.6 to a mmpk, opening in Windows 10 ArcGIS Explorer.

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If you are signed into your account AND open a web map that is online, you will see your default basemaps.

Seems that if I "download" a mmpk, only the sideloaded basemaps are available.


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