Web experience select by location, intersect?

02-20-2024 01:22 PM
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Looking to create a filter that will select everything within a selected boundary. I have a feature with permit locations, and a feature with municipal boundaries...I would like to do a multi-layer filter that allows you to select the boundary ie city of Lansing, and then select the feature ie active permits, is this possible?? 

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I think something like this should work.

  1. Add a Near Me Widget. Set the Search Distance to 0, the layer to your permits layer and the Analysis type to Proximity.JeffreyThompson2_0-1708465550918.png


  2. Add a Search Widget. Set it to a Layer Source with the data being the municipal boundaries.
  3. Give your Search Widget a Record Selection Changes > Near Me > Set Location Action.
  4. Give your Near Me Widget a Record Selection Changes > Framework > Filter Data Records Action. The Trigger and Action Data should both be the permits layer.
  5. Add a Filter Widget connected to the pemits layer to handle any non-geographic filtering options.
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@K_Jueckstock Based on your description, I believe the new Select widget can achieve what you want.


For example, I want to select cities and highways based on a certain selected state, and you can configure the "Select by data" as a spatial configuration to do so:



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