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Using uploaded data for analysis in the experience builder?

05-20-2024 11:49 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I'm working on creating an application that allows people to upload data (shapefile, kml, etc.) and do analysis based on the data they upload in the experience builder application (e.g. finding population of block groups that intersect with a project boundary). I didn't see a way to do analysis on added data built in so I defaulted to having them select intersecting areas instead.

Is there a way to let people do analysis on their own data they upload and add to your map instead of specifying an existing layer in your map?


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Esri Contributor

Hi @David_SumanHCCSD ,

Yes it is supported. You can add the data from Add data widget and add the added layer to Map widget. Then you would be able to select the data as input in Analysis. 

And in the coming June release, there is a new data action supported in Add data widget to directly set the data as input of Analysis.


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