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02-24-2024 11:46 AM
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HI, I created an EB App which is working great. I now want to use same design, but change the Data Source. I made it into a Template however when I choose the template and then try to change the Data Source it reverts to what looks like a blank app/Map without any of the Widgets or layout retained. 

I am a newbie, and would like an explanation of what I am doing wrong and/or how to fix things.

A bit of a background. I imported a Map from ArcGIS Pro which had a Feature Layer showing historical property ownership polygons for one area. Then I developed the EB App. It works great. Now I have created the same map for a second area (very far away & not related to the previous area). I want to use the same EB App with different Feature Class data.

Thanks in advance

Jim Ward

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