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URL Parameter for zooming to filtered value from another database

a month ago
New Contributor II

Hi all!

I only used ?filed URL parameters before within AGOL environment. This one is a little different.

The link below was used for opening the app in Webapp builder and zooming into and filtering a parcel, whose account number is selected in the Tyler database (assessors). Tyler Technology set it up for us in June 2022.

not encoder - &groupfilter:{“Account Number”:[“account”]}

The “Account Number” is in Parcel app, and “account” is in Tyler database.

After rebuilding an app in Experience builder, that obviously had to change. Tyler’s tech support copied everything after &groupfilter and pasted it to the new experience builder URL but nothing happened. It cannot even open the app.

I understand everything is different with Experience Builder and I read the new URL parameters guide but not sure what to look for. The data_filter parameter sounded like something would work, but the way it’s written is confusing.

Appreciate any suggestions!

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