Update list from another list page view

04-18-2024 05:20 AM
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Hi, I have 2 lists in EB, and I'm using actions to filter down the data.

Selecting a polygon updates a 1 to many list. I'm using pages on that list. I want my second list to filter on the selected page in my first list, and when I Go to page 2 in my first list, I need my second list to update as well.

I can only get this to work by randomly clicking on my first list.

Is this possible? Or is there something else I should try. 

I have some tables, that could be related together through an ID, but I wanted to use the action and the action connections.



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Here is how you can use one List to filter another List.


If you are on ArcGIS Online, take a look at Group Filters. 


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