Timeline widget: how to show time as integer numbers

02-24-2024 03:34 AM
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I'm using the Timline on experience builder, but i would like on the top to show just the years and not the full date. Also is there a way to make the widget consider 1 year as a step. Lets say I want to see all events in 1811 and moving the slider i want to see 1811 and 1812 how can i do that?
Setting the step as one year is not good because lets say that the beginning of my interval is 1/1/1811 the end will be 1/1/1812, while i would like the beginning of the interrval to be 1/1/1811 and the end 31/12/1811. Also i cant select 365 because some years have 366. 

Can you help me? 

I'm trying to build a slider as custom widget but i have zero knowledge in programming so thats too hard for me


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Have you solved this issue? I'd like to help you, but in my experience using the timeline slider of ArcGIS Enterprise/ AGOL, it cannot end one year based on the day numbers.  I think is already set by default by Esri developers probably the complexity of programming and bugs. 

The alternative is to set the minimum by month, but I think it depends on your data and the presentation type do you are satisfied with. Event with month, it will end in the first of the next month.

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