Timeline widget: can I type the interval?

02-24-2024 03:37 AM
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Is there a way yo type the interval i want to filter using the timeline widget? it could also be another slider. Infact i have two fields for the same dates, one with time enabled data and one that just uses years as integer numbers. Infact i'm not interested in the whole date at all, just the whole year as one

Thank you


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Hi I am not sure how to visualize it, can you elaborate with upload an image of your issue here if you dont mind. 

If I guess at my understanding, you need row that related as one year to be visualize in one value I think you need to group based on that year first. You can use pandas or ArcGIS Dataframe. After you groupping it, you can export back to feature class. Note that if you have geometries in your table the ETL process may be different but the idea is same which is group the data

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