Selecting multiple overlapping features with default mouse click

04-19-2024 08:02 AM
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I have a layer with multiple spatially coincident polygons (e.g. multiple copies of the same building footprint, each with different facility info). In Experience Builder, I would like to use the default mouse click (not the Select widget), to select all features intersecting with the clicked location, not just the feature that is drawn on top. I would then like to filter my list widget and populate the feature info widgets with the selected records. 

I can do this with the Select widget, but the interface of that tool is needlessly complex for this use case and does not offer much in the way of configuration options (can't even change the default border color or text color, ugh). 

I could also modify the underlying data structure to relate a standalone facilities table  to single building footprints, but would rather not mess with that if possible. 

Is there a way to do what I am asking? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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@DJ_ULCGIS You can enable the Select tool inside the Map widget, for simplified cases if you do not need the full function of the Select widget:



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