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Select Widget Export Fields

05-20-2024 09:45 AM
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We have built an Experience Builder app on ArcGIS Online. We are wanting users to be able to select taxlots and export out that data to a csv. The issue we are having is the fields that are included. Right now the only fields that are exporting are the object id, name and taxlot #. The layer has a popup configured that includes 10 fields, but I'm not able to get those to be included from the Select widget export. If I export from the Map Layers widget all the fields are included, but it does not respect the selection. 

I see a note in the Select widget settings that states that "Export is configured in the Data panel." I navigate to the data panel, choose the Taxlots layer and click on Fields, and it shows me the information below. I cannot find a way to configure this. 

Screenshot 2024-05-20 093458.png

Am I missing a configuration somewhere that will allow me to modify the fields included when I export from the Select widget?

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