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"Publish" button intermittently greyed out

a month ago
Occasional Contributor

ExB (not the developer edition)  in Enterprise 11.2

I have an intermittent issue where the "Publish" button is greyed out  / disabled preventing me from publishing. There are no other errors or issues with ExB and I can successfully run it in preview mode, but cannot publish until I "Save As" a new item (the only workaround that I can find).

The only thing that I suspect is a trigger for this is that from time to time, widgets such as Filter and Query will loose their Map connections and the "Select data" command within the widget config doesn't load the underlying Map or data layers. . A "Save As" will also fix this issue

This has been a manageable issue while this app has been in development, but the continual changes in item ID's with each "Save As" is becoming a hassle.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue or has a known fix

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New Contributor II

Hi Chris, we're also experiencing this issue in our organisation. We are on Enterprise 11.2 also. Our team members are doing a Save As but this doesn't seem to fix the issue. Have you been able to resolve? I'm wondering if this is a bug and if ESRI need to be notified.

Occasional Contributor

Hi Richard, this is still a persistent problem for us. I think you're correct and I'll look to log it with ESRI formally

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