Query result actions (Statistics) in Experience builder

09-20-2023 03:48 PM
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What is the Experience Builder equivalent, of the WebAppBuilder's Query widget's statistics result action? I can't seem to figure out where this setting is to turn it on as a data action on the Experience Builder's query widget. Here are some examples, because I think I can show you better than I can tell you.

Here is the result of one of the current queries from my web app. 


When I click on the three dots (ellipsis?) it gives me a set of actions I can take on the output layer created by my query. I'm mostly concerned with the "Statistics" action.


Experience builder query settings, where is the thing to turn on statistics as a data action?


How do I get this back in Experience Builder? Is this no longer available? 

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This feature has not yet been provided by data action, and we are currently evaluating it. You can also post it in the Ideas channel or raise it up to support as an ENH request.


At this time, you might be able to work around it with a dynamic text configured with expressions:

- Add a Text widget > connect it with the Query output data source, and use the "Selected features" view [if you want to see statistics for each result item]; use the "Default" view if you want to see statistics for all results without any selection needed

- Configure the expression inside Text dynamic content (expr builder). Something like this:


- When you click on the query result, it will give you the calculated statistic results



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