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Open a Window or Splash screen to View

05-20-2024 08:00 AM
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I have an Experience that contains 3 different views showing 3 different maps that you toggle using the View Navigation. I'm looking for a way to add a splash screen or pop up window to only one of the views because it pertains only to that individual map. I already have a splash screen for the app as a whole but I want to add a specific message/disclaimer to just that one view/map. Is this possible??

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Not possible as far as I know, but here are some workarounds that might be suitable:


If you're willing/able to use pages rather than views in a section, there's a "Open with Window" option at the top of the page configuration pane that lets you choose a fixed non-splash window to show upon opening that page. Not sure what else you've got going on the page with your maps, but if you go this route it should be possible to make it look the same as the section with views, you'll just need to do a bit of work (I would duplicate the pages and reconfigure them as needed).


Another option is to add a button to the view that has this map, and link to a window.

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