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Only show layers in Layer Control based on users Group permissions

06-17-2024 04:57 PM
New Contributor

In an Experience Builder app, is it possible for users to see only the layers they have access to in the Layer Control widget based on the Groups they are members of (and layers shared with those Groups)?  Rather than see an error message saying "An error occurred loading this layer" if the layer is not shared with them?


Ideally we could have a single Experience Builder app and associated Web Map, which only shows the layers which individual users have access to?

We are using Enterprise version 11.1.


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New Contributor III

I would really appreciate this functionality in Experience Builder!  I suppose anything is possible with custom code...but I haven't found an out-of-the-box way to do this.

I'd recommend posting an official idea on this matter, and hopefully ESRI will listen.  I would, but don't want to steal your idea now!

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