Not showing accurate coordinates (Potential bug)

12-02-2023 05:20 AM
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I've spoted a problem while encoding an url into a feature info widget inside Experience Builder Dev 1.13 is showing different coordinates than the popup in the Webmap in an Enterprise 11.0. 

Looking at the Console in the html on both sites I've seen some difference between the coordinates shown from the Arcade Script. 




ExB dev


The points in the map was almost the same, but the UTM coordinates show totally different outputs. 


I'm consuming the same webmap in the ExB. Also I'm using the same layer to show and the same configuration in both. Initially the coordinates are projected in EPSG: 25830


Need some help in fixing this kind of bug.

Only explanation I can think of is that the coordinate system is automatically converted in the ExB into an UTM format. So that maybe would explain the difference. 


Thank you in advance. 

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