List Widget Trigger for When Unselecting

09-26-2023 04:28 PM
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When using the List widget in EXB, you can set up a trigger with a map so when a record is selected, the map will zoom/pan to that record. 

However, when you unselect the record, the map stays zoomed in/panned on the previously selected record.

Is there any way to set up a trigger so that when the list record is UNSELECTED, the map will zoom out to its previous zoom level and extent? (Or at least when unselected, the map zooms out and pans as if the "Home" button is clicked)


On Dashboard, when a list record is unselected, the map reverts back to the previous zoom level/extent, but EXB doesn't behave in the same way...

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Yes, I've noticed the same issue. As far as I know, there's no way to auto zoom the map back to the home page. 😞

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Please see the following and submit an enhancement request. The more attention we give this, the more chances we will be heard.

Solved: Re: Can the list widget return to default extent w... - Esri Community

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