How to manage the Interaction between Research and Feature Info Widget

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The new feature of Group Filter is very great and allow me to make new very great things on my EXB.

But actually i'm front of one problem. I use one feature layer that I duplicate many times to made some layers with different information.

I tried to create a dashboard style view on my expercience builder and I use two widget "Feature Info" to show different information : the first one is a short resume of the attributes, who is managed by the basic layer and a second one is an arcade code to create some charts who is managed by a duplicate layer that I don't show to my users (invisibility layer).


So when I filter with group filter on the both layers, I have no problem, both Feature Info panels was actualized by the remaining features, but I use a Research Widget to allow my users to find in basic layer one society by searching with the adress.


But when  a user use the Research Widget, I have only one Feature Info who has been actualized : the same who has the data source of the research widget; the second one Feature Info widget was not actualized because it is on a different source (but this source is literraly a duplicata from the first basic source).

So my question here is : How can I actualize both Feature Info Widgets by using my Research Widget ? 


I can't change the research widget by a Filter widget because my Research Widget is parameter to search with 4 different attributes. So if I traduce this on a Filter widget it forced me to create 4 Filter... to much for me. 


Thanks 🙂

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