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How to filter one layer based on the selection of another?

a month ago
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I have a point feature layer called "Plants" with a "Regions" field that contains a comma separated string of regions those plant species are found in (e.g. "Central Plains, Rocky Mountains, Coast Range").

I also have a polygon feature layer called "Regions" that contains the regions themselves and the names in the "RegionName" field.

Using Experience Builder, is there a way the user can click on a specific Region, and the Plants list is filtered based on whether that region's name is present in the list in the "Regions" field?

I understand that I'm able to set up a map action with a trigger/action connection based on a field in each layer, but this won't work since my fields are not identical (the regions layer just has the region name, whereas the plants layer has a list of region names), so I would need to implement a filter that uses a "contains" operator.

Is there any functionality like this in Experience Builder or any known workarounds?

Many thanks 

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If this is all your application needs to do, I suggest looking at the Zone Lookup Instant App.

It won't work off of map click, but you could use a Filter Widget to make buttons or a dropdown menu that would find your plants.

You could get a mouse click to filter all the plants in a region with Near Me. But the filtering would be strictly geographic. Clicking the Rocky Mountain Region would find all the plants located in that region, but a plant in the Central Plains that contains a Rocky Mountain tag would also be filtered out.

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